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"This has to be the worst place in Skyrim to run a mill. How am I supposed to do anything with all those bears running around?"
―Temba Wide-Arm[src]

Temba Wide-Arm is a Nord who operates a mill in Ivarstead, which has fallen on hard times because of the local wildlife.

Temba is a candidate for marriage if the Dragonborn possesses an Amulet of Mara, and has completed her quest.


Grin and Bear It[]

Temba asks the Dragonborn to kill 10 bears and bring her their pelts.


  • "These damn bears are driving me crazy!"
  • "Can you believe it? Another pile of logs ruined."


  • After giving her the bear pelts, Temba will become the Dragonborn's friend and leaves an inheritance if she dies.
  • Her personality can be described as abrasive. If married, she makes it known that she dislikes Breezehome.
  • At Lakeview Manor, if the Dragonborn has adopted children, when the Dragonborn asks Temba how the children are, she will comment rather sarcastically that they are fine despite having to fend off many types of forest creatures ranging from wolves to Frostbite Spiders. She will then make a comment that shows she disapproves of living outside of a city. This is the same for Heljarchen Hall and Windstad Manor.
  • The name "Temba Wide-Arm" is a reference to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Darmok, deriving from a phrase uttered in the episode: "Temba, his arms wide."
  • Temba can be married after selling her some firewood or upon completion of Grin and Bear It.
  • She is a potential hostage in a rescue mission given by Florentius Baenius.
  • If Ivarstead is attacked by a dragon she will attack it.
  • If the Dragonborn asks her to make a homecooked meal she will say, "I should be asking you the same thing! But alright I'll cook, here. And don't you dare ask for another one before tomorrow."