Temis Romavel is a Dunmer and a Retainer in House Redoran. He was dispatched by Theldyn Virith to Shishi along with Anise Romoran and Brerama Selas in an effort to destroy a new Telvanni outpost set up in Redoran territory. They have successfully defeated most of the Telvanni, but one man, Faves Andas, has so far managed to elude them by hiding in a secret chamber. They know that the wizard is still alive, since Temis keeps hearing him moving around.


Shishi ReportEdit

Speaking to Theldyn Virith about duties will reveal that an expedition that he sent to a former Velothi outpost, Shishi, has failed to report on their situation.


Temis carries or uses the following:


As a Dunmer, Temis can use:


And benefits from:


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