Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


|title            = 2920, Frostfall, v10
|fulltitle        = Frostfall, Book Ten of 2920
|image            = SpellTomeConjuration.png
|author           = Carlovac Townway
|previous         = [[2920, vol 09 - Hearth Fire]]
|next             = [[2920, vol 11 - Sun's Dusk]]
|skyrim/lead      = 1
|skyrim/skill     = [[Conjuration (Skyrim)|Conjuration]]
|skyrim/weight    = 1
|skyrim/value     = 50
|skyrim/id        = {{ID|0001AFEA}}
|oblivion/lead    = yes
|oblivion/skill   = [[Conjuration (Oblivion)|Conjuration]]
|oblivion/weight  = 1
|oblivion/value   = 100
|oblivion/id      = {{ID|000243F5}}
|morrowind/lead   = true
|morrowind/skill  = [[Conjuration (Morrowind)|Conjuration]]
|morrowind/weight = 3
|morrowind/value  = 275
|morrowind/id     = 



Parameter Explanation
title The short, inventory-screen title of the book.
fulltitle The full title of the book.
image An image of the book's cover.
author Author of the book
previous Previous book in the series, if applicable.
next Next book in the series, if applicable.
game/lead Display the default lead for this game (this also includes the required category).
game/skill What skill this book is tied to.
game/weight The weight of the book.
game/value The value of the book.
game/id The ID of the book.

Note that you have to replace game with one of the following: online, skyrim, oblivion, morrowind, daggerfall, arena, dragonborn, dawnguard, shiveringisles, bloodmoon, battlespire, redguard or travels.

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