-moz-border-radius: {{{1}}}; -o-border-radius: {{{1}}}; -webkit-border-radius: {{{1}}}; border-radius: {{{1}}};
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With CSS3, many new possibilities come. However, the waging style war has not been ended and browsers still don't follow the web standards. Lots of browsers have their own CSS3 toolkits. To make the wiki compatible with a wide range of browsers, it is mandatory to include all corresponding toolkits.

This template includes all of them. By including this template within the style variable of the table, all kits will be properly supported.


style="padding:3px; {{CSSGradient|left , rgb(0,0,0) 0%, firebrick 100%}} {{CSSBorder|7px}} color:white; height:33%; text-align:center;"

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