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<data source="quests"><label>Related quests</label></data>
<data source="quests"><label>Related quests</label></data>
<data source="voice"><label>Voice</label></data>
<data source="voice"><label>Voice</label></data>
<data source="dlc"/>
<data source="dlc">
<format>{{#switch: {{{dlc|}}}|Base = <includeonly>[[Category:Online: Characters]]</includeonly>|Imperial City = <includeonly>[[Category:Imperial City: Characters]]</includeonly>|Orsinium = <includeonly>[[Category:Orsinium: Characters]]</includeonly>|Thieves Guild = <includeonly>[[Category:Thieves Guild: Characters]]</includeonly>|Dark Brotherhood = <includeonly>[[Category:Dark Brotherhood: Characters]]</includeonly>|ESO Morrowind = <includeonly>[[Category:ESO Morrowind: Characters]]</includeonly>|Clockwork City = <includeonly>[[Category:Clockwork City: Characters]]</includeonly>|Summerset = <includeonly>[[Category:Summerset: Characters]]</includeonly>|Murkmire = <includeonly>[[Category:Murkmire: Characters]]</includeonly>}}</format>
<includeonly>{{#if:{{{image|}}}| |[[Category:Online: Character Image Needed]]}}
<includeonly>{{#if:{{{image|}}}| |[[Category:Online: Character Image Needed]]}}</includeonly>
{{#if:{{{dlc|}}}|[[Category:Online: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Imperial City}}}|[[Category:Imperial City: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Orsinium}}}|[[Category:Orsinium: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Thieves Guild}}}|[[Category:Thieves Guild: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Dark Brotherhood}}}|[[Category:Dark Brotherhood: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|ESO Morrowind}}}|[[Category:ESO Morrowind: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Clockwork City}}}|[[Category:Clockwork City: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Summerset}}}|[[Category:Summerset: Characters]]}}
{{#if:{{{dlc|Murkmire}}}|[[Category:Murkmire: Characters]]}}</includeonly>
<noinclude>{{clr}}{{documentation}}[[Category:Infobox Templates/Online|NPCs]]</noinclude>{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|User||<includeonly>[[Category:Online: Characters]]</includeonly>}}
<noinclude>{{clr}}{{documentation}}[[Category:Infobox Templates/Online|NPCs]]</noinclude>{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|User||<includeonly>[[Category:Online: Characters]]</includeonly>}}

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


|name       = 
|image      = 
|race       = 
|gender     = 
|health     = 
|class      = 
|faction    = 
|rank       = 
|services   = 
|occupation = 
|essential  = 
|aggression = 
|respawn    = 
|loot       = 
|location   = 
|region     = 
|province   = 
|quests     = 
|voice      = 
|dlc        = 


|name       = Refers to name seen while in-game. Only necessary if article has a suffix or alternate name.
|image      = A full-body image of the character preferred. If a full-body image is present, a dialogue image can be added as well by inserting a gallery into this field.
|race       = The character's race, e.g. [[Dunmer (Online)|Dunmer]].
|gender     = Male/Female.
|health     = Exact health can be seen using third party add-ons, only leveled characters have varying health, or characters who have multiple copies depending on what stage they are met in.
|class      = The character's class, found by attempting to pickpocket them. Quest-relevant/essential characters will usually have none, in which case write N/A.
|faction    = The in-game faction to which they belong.
|rank       = The rank in the faction, if known.
|services   = e.g. Merchant, Quest Giver, Follower, etc.
|occupation = Their job. e.g. General Goods Merchant, Clothier, Woodworkers, etc. Only for merchants.
|essential  = Yes/No. Refers to whether the character can be damaged or not. Essential characters don't have the outline. If a character essential, their Aggression and Respawn parameters are dispensable.
|aggression = Friendly, Neutral, Hostile. Refers to characters' hostility, based on the color of their outline: Red – Hostile, Yellow – Neutral, White – Friendly (bounty if attacked).
|respawn    = Yes/No. Most quest characters do not respawn.
|loot       = Any loot it drops.
|location   = Location, e.g. [[Windhelm (Online)|Windhelm]].
|region     = Region name, e.g. [[Eastmarch (Online)|Eastmarch]].
|province   = The name of the province, such as [[Skyrim (Online)|Skyrim]].
|quests     = Any quests they are involved in, if too many to list put in "[[#Interactions|See below]]."
|voice      = Only include if known, e.g. [[Michael Gough]], [[Helen Sadler]], etc.
|dlc        = Base, Imperial City, Orsinium, etc. Just handles the categorization.

This template relies on Module:Online for DLC categorization.

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