Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
|image      = 
|type       = 
|health     = 
|attacks    = 
|difficulty = 
|province   = 
|region     = 
|location   = 
|quest      = 
|dlc        = 


|image      = An image of the creatures, preferably PNG.
|type       = The creature's species/classification, e.g. a type of zombie is [[Zombie (Online)|Zombie]].
|health     = How much health the creature has by default.
|attacks    = A list of the creature's attacks.
|difficulty = Difficulty level shown on health bar depending on the number of tassels; 1 = "Scary," 2 = "Hard," and 3 = "Deadly."
|province   = The province(s) in which it can be found.
|region     = The region(s) (sub-provinces) in which it can be found.
|location   = The specific location(s) in which it can be found.
|dlc        = If applicable, the DLC in which it appears. If none, "Online."

This template relies on Module:Online for DLC categorization.

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