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Elder Scrolls

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


|name         = 
|image        = 
|map          = 
|province     = 
|region       = 
|area         = 
|city         = 
|type         = 
|sublocations = 
|main         = 
|quests       = 
|characters   = 
|dlc          = 


  • name should only be used if there is a suffix in the title, such as (Online) or (Location), in which case the name of the location without the suffix should be written.
  • image refers to an image of the location, without the HUD or any player characters within the shot.
  • map refers to an image of the map when at this location.
  • province refers to one of the seven Provinces in the game, such as High Rock or Skyrim.
  • region refers to one of the many regions within the provinces, such as Auridon or Shadowfen.
  • area refers to the smaller subsections of each region, such as Cambray Hills or Boralis.
  • city should only be used if the location is a sublocation of a city, in which case the city name should be written.
  • type refers to what kind of location it is, such as a city or a landmark.
  • sublocations refers to any locations within this location.
  • main should only be used for certain sublocation pages, in which case the name of the main location should be written.
  • quests refers to any quests that take place here.
  • characters refers to any characters that reside here.
  • dlc Base, Imperial City, Orsinium, etc. Just handles the categorization.

This template relies on Module:Categorization for DLC categorization.