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The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. Any parameters which are left blank or omitted collapse and will not appear in the published article.

|image       = 
|questgiver  = 
|location    = 
|region      = 
|characters  = 
|prereq      = 
|next        = 
|faction     = 
|reward      = 
|gold reward = 
|type        = 
|creatures   = 


Parameter Explanation
image An image related to the quest, such as the quest reward. Enter this as such [[File:Imagename.png|100px]]. Images are automatically centered.
questgiver The name of the quest giver, or in some cases the action taken or item to obtain the quest, e.g. The Book of Legends.
level The level of the quest.
location The primary location(s) the quest occurs.
region The region that this quest occurs in (e.g. Khenarthi's Roost)
characters The characters involved in this quest — the Quest Giver, other people needed to talk to to progress the quest, etc.
prereq List any quest that must be finished immediately before acquiring this quest.
next List any quest that immediately follow this quest.
reward A link to the reward obtained, e.g. Kingsguard or general reward receive, e.g. Weapon.
gold reward The gold awarded by completion of this quest, ESOGold template should be used here
faction The faction that this quest is invovled with - e.g. Mages Guild; Fighters Guild, Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, or Ebonheart Pact; Or if related to a specific non-specific faction, such as Betnikh Orsimer.
type What type of quest is this? Main, Side, Miscellaneous.
creatures Any creatures directly involved in this quest, such as Assassin Beetles.
dlc The DLC that this quest appears in. e.g. ESO Morrowind, Summerset, etc. If none, use Base.

This template relies on Module:Online for DLC categorization.

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