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ShiveringIslesCharacters should be used for all Shivering Isles NPC pages.


This infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. Any parameters which are left blank will collapse and not appear in the published article.

|image     = 
|race      = 
|gender    = 
|level     = 
|class     = 
|faction   = 
|rank      = 
|services  = 
|essential = 
|respawn   = 
|RefID     = 
|Base ID   = 


Parameter Explanation
image An image of the NPC. Enter the direct file name.
race See Races.
Choices are Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, Redguard, Dark Seducers, and Golden Saints.
gender See Wikipedia:gender
level For Skill trainers.
Choices are Journeyman, Expert or Master
class Class of character.
E.g., Assassin, Warrior, Merchant
faction Faction to which the NPC is affiliated.
E.g., Mania, Dementia, etc
rank Rank within faction.
E.g., Duchess of Dementia, Captain of the Guard, Soldier
services Services this NPC offers.
E.g., Potion Shop, Alchemy Training, etc
essential Yes = This character temporarily cannot be killed.
No = This character can be killed at any time.
Always = This character can never be killed. See Essential Characters (Oblivion) for details.
respawn Yes = This character is marked as respawning in the creation kit
No = This character does not respawn according to the creation kit
RefID Unique identifier for this NPC, see Console Commands for further information. For PC use only.
Base ID Unique identifier for this NPC, see Console Commands for further information. For PC use only.


When adding/editing a new page, please add all the relevant categories as it's important that all our pages are correctly organized. These include:

  - Race: Example (add Nord and Shivering Isles: Nords)
  - Sex: Example (add Male and Shivering Isles: Males)
  - Are they a follower? (add Shivering Isles: Followers)
  - Are they a member of a faction (add Shivering Isles: <faction> Member)
  - Are they a skill trainer (add Skill Trainers)
  - Are they a merchant of any kind? (add Merchants)
  - Are they a specific merchant?
  - Is the page a stub? (add {{stub}}, which automatically adds the proper categories)