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The Temple is a location in Raven Rock where the Dunmer can go for religious needs. It is led by Elder Othreloth and his assistant Galdrus Hlervu, and is a place of worship for the Daedric Princes known as the 'Reclamations': Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah, each with their respective shrine.


Temple Ancestral TombEdit

This Ancestral Tomb is where the Dunmer dead are buried. Unlike most other cultures on Tamriel, the Dunmer believe that once one of their own is dead that they should be buried in the ground where they came from. In more recent times, due to the eruption of the Red Mountain, the area is now infested with Ash Spawn. The Dragonborn can be given a miscellaneous quest from Elder Othreloth to clear the tomb. If this is done successfully, he will give them a varied amount of GoldIcon.

Morvayn Ancestral TombEdit

The Morvayn Ancestral Tomb is a tomb specifically made for deceased members of the Morvayn family.

Ulen Ancestral TombEdit

The Ulen Ancestral Tomb is a tomb specifically made for deceased members of the Ulen family.

In Served Cold, the Dragonborn is instructed to wait there to see if a mysterious person who leaves ash yam offerings will show.

Notable itemsEdit


Clean SweepEdit

Clear the Temple's tomb of Ash Spawn.

Served ColdEdit

Lie in wait for a member of the Ulen family.




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