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The Temple of Agamanus is a quest in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.






Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Receive Ria Silmane's vision
  • Travel to the city of Corinth, in the province of Elsweyr
  • Speak with Turamane ap'Kolthis in the Mages Guild and accept his deal
  • Obtain the Table from Temple of Agamanus
  • Return to the Mage



"You have done well. I had thought you lost to me. The third piece of the Staff is yours. Rumors have been whispered about in the Empire. I think Tharn senses that the pieces come together. You must take care to not be discovered by him-your death would be most unpleasant. I have divined the location of the fourth piece of the Staff. It lies in the Halls of Colossus, a structure built to honor a race of Giants, though none have been seen in the land for ages. It is said that the Halls of Colossus sat perched on a cliff overlooking the Great Divide, which is along the southern edge of Tamriel. Perhaps the Halls are near that coastline. I only wish I could offer you more. Fare thee well my friend, and find this place, for the sake of our loved ones..."
―Ria Silmane[src]
Ria Silmane (The Halls of Colossus) vision

After obtaining the Third Piece of the Staff of Chaos from Elden Grove, Ria Silmane will again contact the Eternal Champion during their sleep to congratulate them on their success and inform them on the location of the Fourth Piece of the Staff of Chaos; within an ancient structure known as The Halls of Colossus. By this time, some rumors have been spreading in the Empire about the actions of the Eternal Champion's efforts.


Asking citizens about the Halls of Colossus will eventually direct the Eternal Champion to the Mages Guild in the city of Corinth, in the province of Elsweyr. Upon entering the Guild and talking to the Mage, he will present himself as Loremaster Turamane ap'Kolthis. Already knowing of Eternal Champion's search for Halls of Colossus, he will make a proposal: a group of warrior-priests led by Sir Galandir from the Temple of Agamanus recently attacked the guild and stole a sacred tablet which can decipher a part of the Elder Scrolls. In exchange for recovering the Tablet from the Temple, the Loremaster will give the location of the Halls of Colossus to the Eternal Champion.

Temple of AgamanusEdit


Sacred Tablet

Temple of Agamanus First Level

Temple of Agamanus First Level

Temple of Agamanus Second Level

Temple of Agamanus Second Level

Temple of Agamanus Third Level

Temple of Agamanus Third Level; light green marker represents Tablet

The Temple of Agamanus will be marked on the map after the deal is accepted; it is located south of Corinth. Three levels compose the Temple, and while not having particularly complex corridors, these three areas are inhabited by Ghosts, Skeletons, Wraiths, Spiders, and Hell Hounds.

Upon entering the Fortress, some Knights will attack. The door to the Second Level is located on the extreme southwest of the room, and Spiders and Hell Hounds guard the passage. It is possible to use the map (on the right) to locate hidden doors and use a faster way to reach the door.

In the Second Level the door to the Third Level is located north of the room. The way there is lengthy, however the spell Passwall can be greatly useful in this area. Without a map, the Second Level can be confusing and much more dangerous. The map (on the right) shows the correct way to reach the door.

The Third Level is the most dangerous and complex from the three areas and the Eternal Champion will need to swim on two occasions to reach the tablet, with the exception of again using Passwall to break the way to the artifact. In this level, more dangerous enemies will be guarding the way—Skeletons and Wraiths. The area where the tablet remains cannot be reached using Passwall, for its walls are unbreakable. The confrontation with Wraiths is unavoidable in order to obtain the tablet.

Once the tablet is taken, make the way back to Corinth and give it back to Turamane. Fulfilling its part of the deal, the Loremaster will inscribe the location of the Halls of Colossus on the map—south of Elsweyr, in the coastline.

Before traveling to the Halls of Colossus, some observations must be taken:

  • The Halls of Colossus is the fifth main quest of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, and from this point stronger enemies will start to appear and dungeons will become much harder.
  • Some effects will be of great assistance. Above all, Restore Health, Invisibility, or Resist Shock. These effects are available in the Mages Guild, and non-magic users can buy potions.
  • Magic users can buy the spell Passwall to skip doors and make the quest significantly shorter.
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