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The Temple of Kynareth is a temple to Kynareth that is located in Whiterun.

Accessible from Whiterun's Wind District, the temple is typically used as a place of worship and healing. Danica Pure-Spring and her apprentice, Acolyte Jenssen, tend to the sick citizens of Whiterun Hold, such as the Wounded Soldier and the Sickly Farmer.

The temple sits across the circle from Jorrvaskr, and overlooks the sickly Gildergreen tree. The Dragonborn learns from Danica, either by finding her in the temple or encountering her in the circle outside, that the mythical tree is in danger of dying, and thus receives the quest "The Blessings of Nature."

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  • During the "Battle for Whiterun," the sick farmer and wounded soldier will wander from their beds and walk around the temple aimlessly.


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