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The Temple of Mara is a temple in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, located in Riften.


TESV Banner RiftenTemple

The banner of the Temple of Mara.

Priests and priestess here are dedicated to the worship of the goddess Mara, the goddess of love. Activation of the Shrine of Mara inside lessens the cost of Restoration spells by 15 percent for a time.


The Book of LoveEdit

In this temple, the Dragonborn can receive a series of quests from Dinya Balu, which requires the Hero to meddle with the romantic affairs of some of Skyrim's citizens.


The Dragonborn may purchase an Amulet of Mara from Maramal, which adds a 10 percent bonus to Restoration spells when equipped and allows the Dragonborn to marry certain citizens.

  • First, acquire an Amulet of Mara. If in Riften, Maramal, a priest of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara. He can be found at the Temple of Mara or The Bee and Barb inn.
  • Chat with Maramal about Mara and weddings and he will ask if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in Skyrim. After the explanation, the Dragonborn can purchase an Amulet of Mara from him for 200 GoldIcon.
  • Equipping this amulet indicates to other citizens that they are available. Now, while wearing the amulet, certain citizens will ask the hero if they are looking for someone, and a line of dialogue will appear, "Are you interested?" Some citizens cannot be married and others require that certain tasks be performed beforehand.
  • After proposing, travel back to the temple in Riften, talk to the priest, and wait for the next day to have the ceremony in the temple.



  • The Amulet of Mara used for marriage does not have to be purchased from Maramal. It can be purchased elsewhere, looted from enemies, found in containers, or even taken from a Draugr.


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  • If the Dragonborn has a common name, a duplicate of them may appear as a random pilgrim worshipping in the temple. This person, if spoken to, may speak a word of power (similar to the Greybeards), nothing, or dialog from the priest of Mara. It otherwise cannot be interacted with or targeted for any purpose.

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