The Temple of Sethiete or the Brotherhood of Seth is a religious order that was active during the Imperial Simulacrum and several years after, from 3E 389 to 3E 405. It revolves around a figure named Sethiete, who has followers from High Rock to Black Marsh. Sethiete has a significant presence in the Kingdom of Camlorn, specifically in the main capital. The Brotherhood has a temple dedicated to Sethiete in the main city, and it was located on a path where the Flower Festival would pass by whenever the time of year would come. One of the most notable figures to join the Brotherhood was Jagar Tharn, who would imprison Emperor Uriel Septim VII and take control of the Third Empire in a time known as the Imperial Simulacrum. Tharn would leave the Brotherhood at one point and become the Battlemage of Uriel VII.[1][2]

Nobody knew that Tharn impersonated Uriel VII except one conspiracy theorist from the Brotherhood named Brother Barnabas, who believed that Tharn took Uriel VII's identity and ruled in his place. He took a map to the Crypt of Hearts, in retaliation for his fellow priests not believing him. Halfas Varn of the Brotherhood sent the Eternal Champion to find Barnabas at the Mines of Khuras. Barnabas had unfortunately passed away in the Mines. The Champion took the map and traveled to the Crypt of Hearts, to find a piece of the Staff of Chaos. The Brotherhood had significant power in the city of Gideon.[3]



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