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"This monastery is dedicated to the service of these noble members of our order. They now live out their lives with the Ancestor Moths that they so love. Their underground demesnes are well suited to the moths. They raise and nurture the fragile creatures, singing to them constantly. They harvest the silk and spin it into bolts of cloth. They weave the cloth, embroidering it with the genealogies and histories of the ancestors that spun the silk. This is their new life."

The Temple of the Ancestor Moths is a temple located within the alps of the Jerall Mountains, within the province of Cyrodiil. This area is the home of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, whose sole purpose is to care for, and even read the Elder Scrolls, powerful artifacts with untold prophecies. Members of the Cult stay here with the Ancestor Moths in reclusion.

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The Temple is located in the highest alps of the Jerall Mountains, within the Cyrodiil side, just before the Skyrim and Morrowind border. The Temple is meant to be secluded; it is a monastery with merely two buildings, a lodge for the Moth Priests and the cathedral where they worship the Elder Scrolls. The area is sparsely wooded, considering that the area is high in the Jeralls. The Cult, and by extension, the temple, was named after Ancestor Moths, creatures that live in the area, whose silk is used to make Nibenese-style cloth that the priests normally wear. The Ancestor Silk is a powerful substance that creates the strongest Light Armor.[1]

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During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the Temple was administrated by Crassius Viria and what was left of the cult in the outbreak of the Alliance War, which ravaged the province of Cyrodiil. The Elder Scrolls stored within the Temple were stolen by warriors of the respective alliances, taking to their footholds in the province, such as the Alma Ruma taking by the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Ghartok taking by the Ebonheart Pact. The Temple was situated in what was considered Pact Territory, rather close to their northern stronghold. The Cult was defenseless, only able to watch as their Scrolls were being taken back forward by the warring alliances. An Elder Scroll was taken to the Imperial City, where Sister Terran Arminus was sent to retrieve it. The events that transpired were miraculously predicted in the exact Elder Scroll she was sent to obtain. With the help of the Undaunted, Arminus was able to retrieve the Scroll as the group of adventurers defeated Molag Kena, who had impersonated the Empress Regent, Clivia Tharn. This was the first Elder Scroll that was brought back to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths.[2][3]

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