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"St. Alessia has blessed our city and all its people. Visit the Temple of the One, and renew your faith."
Alessia Ottus[src]

The Temple of the One is the central structure in the Imperial City, Temple District, and is dedicated to the dragon god Akatosh. Located inside the Temple are the Dragonfires, a divine barrier that protects Nirn from the Planes of Oblivion, that are lit when an Emperor with dragon blood ascends to the throne.

Oblivion crisis[]

During the Oblivion Crisis, the Temple was the site of the final showdown between Mehrunes Dagon and the avatar of Akatosh, which leaves the roof of the temple shattered, debris and damage scattered throughout the surrounding streets, and the avatar of Akatosh encased in stone.

J'mhad, the groundskeeper, and Tandilwe, the master speechcraft trainer, as well as several other worshippers can be found inside the temple throughout the day. 


Light the Dragonfires[]

With the Amulet of Kings in hand, it is time for Martin Septim to return to the Imperial City, claim the Septim Throne, and light the Dragonfires in order to stop the Daedric invasion.

Speechcraft Training[]

The Altmer, Tandilwe, requests the Hero to talk to every beggar in the Imperial City, before she can offer training in Speechcraft.


  • After completing the main quest, with a high enough Acrobatics, one can jump on one of the pillars, then on the leg of the dragon, and across the wall. If one succeeds, they will drop down until they spawn back in the center of the temple.
  • After completing Light the Dragonfires, it is possible to obtain a second blessing from the statue by activating it from outside the Temple (a high Acrobatics skill is necessary).
  • Before one finishes the main quest, if their Acrobatics skill is high enough, one may be able to jump onto the temple, fall through the roof and into the empty area inside the walls. There is a half-buried door right behind where the normal door is. If one goes inside, they will see the temple as it is during the end of the main quest. If one walks outside, they will see the Temple District overrun by Daedra. Even the quest log will update. It is a glitchy way to finish the main quest quickly.
  • Sometimes, for unknown reasons, after using the statue of the avatar of Akatosh and receiving the blessing, the timer will not go down and the effects will be permanent.


  • If the Hero saved Jeelius from the Mythic Dawn sacrificial ceremony inside the Lake Arrius Caverns, he appears at the Temple.
  • A Vampire in later stages will take sun damage inside the Temple of the One.
  • The Temple of the One is similar to the Pantheon of Rome and might be based on it, judging by the fact that Imperials are based on Romans. Another possible source is the dome of St Peter's Basilica, designed by Michelangelo, which has a similar arrangement of projecting paired columns.
  • During the quest "Light the Dragonfires", the Staff of Sheogorath will be able to affect the entire temple.