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Temples are factions that are located within the Iliac Bay, and are each devoted to one of the Eight Divines. Every temple also has a Knight Order dedicated to them. Joining one of the temples has a variety of benefits, including free healing, skill training, and Daedra summoning. To join a temple, you must meet the skill requirements of that temple.

Temples and their Knight Orders[edit | edit source]

Joining the Temple[edit | edit source]

Joining one of the Temples is relatively simple. The Agent must find a local Temple and its recruiter and speak to them, creating the following conversation:

"Yes, you are worthy to join the Temple. The Akatosh Chantry (Temple following) will embrace you as a member. Are you interested in joining?"

Yes "Well, welcome then, my child. You may consider yourself a Novice now. Our trainers are available to you. For the other benefits of the temple, be patient, work hard, and they will come to you."

After refusing to join a Temple, one cannot join that Temple again.

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