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The Tenth Legion was known to have accompanied Uriel Septim V on his ill-fated journey to Akavir. Most of the legion were killed alongside the emperor holding off Tsaesci forces. Only two men survived, who confirmed the emperor's death.[1]

Later, it was known to have been comprised mainly of soldiers from Hammerfell and Cyrodiil.[2]


  • Legate Justianus Quintius, author of The Great War, was known to have been the commander of this legion, until he was wounded in 4E 175.
  • Historically, the Tenth Legion (Legio X Equestris) was the first legion that Julius Caesar personally levied, and the one he, and many historians, considered his best and most trusted. Levied in 61 B.C.E. from Hispania Utlerior, which is basically Andalucía (Southern Spain) today, the legion fought for Caesar until its disbandment in 45 B.C.E. It was later reconstituted to after the death of Caesar in 44/43 B.C.E and fought for Marc Anthony then Octavian and was disbanded again, and the remaints merged with the new Legio X Gemina.



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