Teo Bravillius Tasus is a historical figure from the First Era. He was a Centurion in Alessia's army, and due to his actions in helping gain the city of Bravil from the Ayleids, the city is named after him.[1]

Battle of BravilEdit

The Battle of Bravil was fought between the Alessian Empire and the Ayleids at the city of Bravil during the First Era. The Ayleids were firmly entrenched in Bravil and it was one of the sole remaining cities in Cyrodiil still in Ayleid hands. Teo Bravillius Tasus invaded Bravil, meeting heavy resistance, but ultimately captured the city. However, the next morning, his soldiers within the city were all dead. Not giving up, Tasus invaded Bravil a second time, filling in the secret underground tunnels they found.[1]

Once again, the next morning Tasus' soldiers inside the city were all killed, and once again Tasus assaulted Bravil. After his third victory over Bravil, Tasus posted his soldiers outside of Bravil along the roads and rivers to watch for the Ayleids approaching. The next morning, however, the bodies of his soldiers who had been inside Bravil were thrown over the city's parapets.[1]

Finally, Tasus assaulted Bravil and captured it for the fourth time. After his victory, Tasus led his soldiers over every inch of space inside Bravil, searching for and finding the hiding places of the Ayleids. Noticing narrow platforms high up on the walls as well as a non-Imperial footprint in the mud near the river, Tasus concluded that the Ayleids were levitating themselves up to and turning themselves invisible on the platforms and using water-breathing spells to survive under the surface of the river. Having discovered the hiding places of the Ayleids, Tasus' forces routed them from the city for the final time.[1]



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