"Falkreath was once full of wanderers and warriors like yourself. Those were better days."

Thadgeir is a Nord warrior in Falkreath and the brother of Dengeir of Stuhn.


Thadgeir lives in Dengeir's House in the town of Falkreath with his brother Dengeir of Stuhn, the former Jarl of Falkreath.



He asks the Dragonborn to deliver Berit's Ashes to Runil, a priest of Arkay, in Falkreath.




You said something about a burial? "Falkreath is known for its graveyard, traveler. We've buried more dead than you can imagine. I just finished giving my old war companion, Berit, a proper burial by fire. Old hard head hated the idea of being lost cold in the ground. Could you deliver the ashes to Runil, the priest of Arkay? He'll know the right blessings to make for Berit's soul."
That's a shame. "Typical."
I could deliver that for you. "Thank you."


Dengeir's SuspicionsEdit

Dengeir: "Do you think Tekla has been talking to Siddgeir again?"
Thadgeir: "We've been over this, Den. Tekla does not share your secrets with Siddgeir."
Dengeir: "Hmmf. Maybe you're the one talking to him then..."

Doing a fine jobEdit

Thadgeir: "Don't let my brother get to you, Tekla. You're doing a fine job around here."
Tekla: "Thank you sir."

Visiting the CemeteryEdit

Runil: "You visit us often, Thadgeir."
Thadgeir: "Most of my friends are buried here."


  • "Skyrim's history of war is well documented here in Falkreath's graveyard."
  • "My brother Dengeir can be...difficult. Take his words with a grain of salt."
  • "Unless you intend to bury someone, this isn't the place you're looking for, traveler."
  • "Falkreath was once full of wanderers and warriors like yourself. Those were better days."


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