"Have you caught my act yet? I'm Thaedil, the juggler. I'm sure you've heard of me."

Thaedil quote

Thaedil is a Bosmer acrobat who resides in the city of Bliss, New Sheoth.


Thaedil juggles plates and balls. She constantly jumps between being proud of her skills to miserably putting herself down.


  • Based on her attitude, Thaedil suffers from Bipolar Disorder.
  • If Thaedil dies, her tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "In memory of Thaedil. A juggler beyond compare, at least in her own mind."
  • Thaedil's juggling balls are purple. This is due to a texture path error, but it is still unfixed as of the latest patch. The texture-correct balls are brown in color.



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