Thaliwen Verminhair is a Bosmer beggar found at various places in Bangkorai. She is part of Give to the Poor achievement.


"Hey burr-sap! Spare a glint? A peck of shiny gems?"

I don't understand. "A mark! One who fights for coin! Spare some, will you? Mine's run off. Dallying with a lightcatch, sure!"
I think you're asking for gold. Will this do? [69 GoldIcon] "Will it? Pleasure, burr-sap! Shadows keep you safe!"
I still don't understand. I'm leaving. "Shoulda known you for a dry-cap. See if I keep your steps shadowed!"


  • "Stendarr protect you!" – After giving the money
  • "Ah, the burr-sap! Catch my heel again?" – If given money before


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