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Thalmor Agents are members of the Thalmor that appear in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. They can be encountered during quests, jobs, and in the Abyss.


The Freedom to BelieveEdit

Thalmor Agents are found during this quest, hunting Talos worshippers.

Prisoner of the ThalmorEdit

One Thalmor Agent is in charge of the group of Thalmor soldiers keeping Martin Gavinius locked up.

Like Father, Like SonEdit

Rescue the Talos priest Jonathan from a Thalmor raid.





Like Father, Like Son

"This place is locked down. We are apprehending a heretic. Move along."

I'm here to rescue the heretic. From you. "[?]"
Who's this heretic? "That is none of your business."
It is my business. Do I have to beat it out of you? "You'll get nothing from me but my blades, scoundrel."

Further down into the cave:

"I remember you... You helped Aranande track down that old Blade, Henrik. What are you doing here?"

I’m here to rescue his son. "[?]"
I was the Blade. Now you'll die for him. "[?]"
Just here for fun. "You're up to no good. I'll find out what you're doing once I've detained you."


  • "This'll be over before you know it." – During "Prisoner of the Thalmor"


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