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The Thalmor Headquarters is an empty garrison that was used by the Thalmor in Skyrim, located in Solitude near Castle Dour.


The Thalmor once used this place as their base of operations in Skyrim, but lately the place has been deserted. The area was previously run by the Thalmor overseeing the terms of the peace in accordance to the White-Gold Concordat signed by the Empire by principally rooting out Talos worshippers.

This location is relatively abandoned, as dust and cobwebs can be seen within the place, and because the Thalmor are more content to operate from their Embassy, located within the mountains above Solitude.


  • Followers will consider it trespassing if inside here.
  • If the Dragonborn has assisted Ondolemar, a Thalmor Justiciar in Understone Keep, the bed is able to be slept in and nearly all of the items are able to be taken, instead of having to be stolen. In addition, entering the headquarters will not count as trespassing.


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