"That worked out much better than I thought it would. I think formal introductions are in order. My name is Tharayya. Pleased to meet you."

Tharayya is a Redguard met in the group dungeon Volenfell, in the Alik'r Desert region of Hammerfell.

Tharayya is an adventurer, scholar and expert on all things Dwemer. She has traveled all over Tamriel, from Bangkorai, to Anequina, to Vvardenfell, always seeming to appear hot on the trail of some new discovery. Her ex-husband Quintus Verres leads a competing expedition into the ruins of Volenfell in search of the Guardian's Eye, after they had a falling out that ended with him attempting to poison her. She is later hired by Abnur Tharn to obtain the two halves of the Wrathstone tablet.


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