"So, Nerevarine (Player name), you're new to Seyda Neen, and would like some help finding your way around. Very sensible. Go ahead. Ask away. Looking for services? Some specific place? Someone in particular? Just need a little advice? Whatever it is, I'd be happy to help."
―Thavere Vedrano[src]

Thavere Vedrano is a Dunmer Commoner found in Seyda Neen living and working in the lighthouse.


She has a boyfriend, an Imperial tax collector named Processus Vitellius, who went missing during the last couple of days.


Death of a TaxmanEdit

During the investigation of Processus' death she can be asked about him and will tell Nerevarine that Processus recently had an argument with Foryn Gilnith. Processus' Ring may also be returned to her for two Standard Restore Health Potions.



latest rumors "Have you noticed, for all its proclamations about protecting the rights of property and preserving law and order, the Imperial legion does little enough to capture and prosecute abolitionists? That's a bit hypocritical, don't you think?"

Death of a TaxmanEdit

murder of Processus Vitellius "Processus, murdered! No! Tell me it's not so. He was the gentlest man I've ever met. He and I had become so close in the past few months...I don't know what I will do without him. I've only seen him get angry once or twice, and never raised a hand to anyone. This is so sad."

seen him get angry "Well, not even angry, I suppose. I saw him arguing once with Foryn Gilnith about his taxes. He thought Processus had been levying too much, and skimming off the top for himself. Ridiculous! Processus wouldn't have done such a thing, I'm sure of it. Please find out what happened, friend. And if you find out what became of Processus' ring, it would ease my heart."
Processus' ring "I gave him the ring many months ago, and it was dear to him. I would like it to remember him by."

(After finding the ring)
"I don't mind, Nerevarine (Player name). Always happy to help someone like you. What's on your mind?"

Processus' ring "Oh, you've found the ring I gave him. Thank you so much, Nerevarine (Player name). It's good to have something to remember him by, though I'll never see him again. Here, take this. He usually traveled with a couple when he was doing his job, but he didn't this last time. If only he had...."
Processus' ring "Thank you again for returning it to me."


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