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The (Improved) Emperor's Guide to Tamriel is a book written by Flaccus Terentius to explain his adventures throughout Tamriel during the Second Era.

It was written as an additional Guide book to The Elder Scrolls Online.



Near Bravil

Ah, the lovely Nibenay Valley, bucolic background of my long-lost youth. I could happily have spent my life painting landscapes of the region south of Lake Rumare, and indeed, I tried to - but it turned out there was little marked for pleasant landscape paintings in the vulgar, down-at-heel port town of Bravil. The best-paying work I could get there was painting suggestive watercolors for the local bawdy house, labor that was beneath me and not to my taste. So, like many another young artist, I packed up my art supplies and went off to find my fortune in the Imperial City, where my genius was sure to be recognized.

So far, however, my genius has been sadly overlooked, and I have barely been able to scrape by painting portraits of miserly merchants and minor nobles. The only one who truly appreciated me is my beloved Honoria Lucasta. It is my boundless determination to win her hand that is sending me on this geographical odyssey...

Old Vergil's Mill
Old Vergil's Mill, with Bravil in the background. I never did manage to sell this one.
The Heartland of Cyrodiil, by Phrastus of Elinhir

The fertile farmlands of central Cyrodiil, around Lake Rumare and the Nibenay Valley, the region commonly known as "The Heartland," are temperate in climate, supporting the crops and livestock that feed all of central Tamriel. Rain and thunderstorms are frequent, but the region is free from the sandstorms of Hammerfell to the west or the monsoons of Black Marsh to the southeast.

Much has been made of Heimskr's classical description of Cyrodiil as a jungle or rainforest. My studies indicate that the use of the phrase "endless jungle" to describe Cyrodiil appears to be an error in transcription. Close study to the original, badly faded manuscript reveals that the phrase was miscopied, and should be more accurately rendered as "extensive uplands." The adjectives "an equatorial rain" as applied to the Nibenese forest to not appear in the original manuscript at all, and I would posit were added by the scribe in support of his previous erroneous use of "jungle." Lady Cinebar of Taneth of course takes issue with this exegesis, but the flaws in her methods of scholarship have been well-documented elsewhere.


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