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"Petra! Evil Petra put me here, stole my tower. Hate her, chew her bones! Let me out, kind, king meat."

The Affairs of Hagravens is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must resolve a long-term rivalry between the hagravens Melka and Petra in Blind Cliff Cave.


  1. Kill the Hagraven Petra


This quest takes place at Blind Cliff Cave. Approaching the cave, the Dragonborn will become aware of a conflict between two non-human characters that inhabit this morbid and insidious place. Melka and Petra are two warring hagravens and the Dragonborn can gain a significant advantage by simply allowing them to "settle their differences."

When entering Blind Cliff Bastion, Melka can be found in an unlocked cage begging to be released. It would appear Blind Cliff Bastion was her home until Petra attacked, which ultimately resulted in Melka`s imprisonment and loss of "property." Should the Dragonborn decide to release her, clearing this small area becomes incredibly easy, given that Petra and her minions are no match for Melka. When the two Hagravens engage in battle, feel free to assist her and ensure the desired outcome. She does not attack the Dragonborn at any point and expresses her gratitude once Petra is vanquished, offering the Eye of Melka as a reward.



THe Affairs of Hagravens – dunBlindCliffQST
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective 15: Kill the Hagraven Petra
  • Objective 15: Kill the Hagraven Petra
  • Quest complete
200 The Hagraven Melka is dead.


  • With the bastion returned to its rightful owner, the Dragonborn can choose simply to kill an unsuspecting Melka with a few strikes (power attacks preferably as they will normally stagger opponents).


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  • See under Blind Cliff Cave.
  • If Petra is killed before freeing Melka, the quest will be impossible to complete unless Petra is resurrected by the command line.