The Amronal of Valenwood is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. After a failed attempt to kill a wispmother for glory, Elaldor is the only survivor of his hunting party. He asks the Vestige to slay the creature and avenge the deaths of his fellow members.

Background[edit | edit source]

It appears a hunting band was overcome by a powerful wispmother, as their frozen forms are scattered about the mire.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Defeat the Amronal Wispmother
  2. Talk to Elaldor
  3. Complete the quest

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon speaking to Elaldor, who can be found near the north entrance of Woodhearth, he will inform the Vestige that a wispmother has killed the other members of his group, and will tell them the following:

She killed them all. Froze them solid. How am I supposed to defeat that? I had to run, right? I had to hid or I'd be killed too!

What are you talking about? The wispmother. A legendary beast. "We'll kill it and take home the trophy and be legends ourselves," we said. We charged, and she...well, just look down there. Their screaming faces...frozen in death.
Why aren't you frozen? Heh. It's stupid. I snagged my foot on a root and tripped. While the others were slaughtered, I was face down in the mud. I know I should avenge them, but I'm a coward. Please, help me. Destroy that...thing
I'll see what I can do. Please, get rid of that creature. But be careful. Her magic is formidable!

Afterwords, the Vestige will need to find the wispmother, who is located down along the east road of Woodhearth. After following the road, the Vestige will come upon Rootwatch Tower. In front of the tower is a clearing containing the frozen corpses of Elaldor's group members. Within the area will be multiple wisps, indicating that the aforementioned wispmother is nearby. The wispmother can be found directly in front of the stairs to the entrance of the tower, further within the clearing.

Once the wispmother is defeated, the Vestige will need to return to Elaldor, who can now be found only a short distance north from the clearing itself. Once spoken to, he will thank the Vestige, responding with:

There you are. I felt embarrassed at my cowardice, sending you back after this thing after I'd fled. I thought I'd come to help you avenge my companions.

It's done. The wispmother is dead. You did it? You must be stronger than you look. Thank you for avenging my hunting party and making the area safer for all. I don't have much, but take this as my thanks to you.

The Vestige will then receive 108 Gold and a Huner's Skullcap as a reward, completing the quest.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • Hunter's Skullcap
  • 36–151 Gold
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