"A young courier drily hands you a letter and then stalks off without saying a word."
―Message at the start of the quest[src]

The Ancient Watcher is a main quest in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Read the letter provided by the courier
  2. Meet the agent of the Underking
  3. Go to Castle Llugwych where the item is being held
  4. Return to the agent with the item

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest begins with the Agent receiving a letter:

Dear Agent (Player name),
Queen Akorithi of Sentinel spoke highly of you as a brave, able, and unprejudiced Breton (Race).
Her actual words were "a hero."
For some time, we have been looking for someone like that.
I will not lie to you about our loyalties.
We serve the Underking.
If you are a believer in fairy tales and consider the Underking the ultimate force of evil, we apologize for misjudging you.
Otherwise, we need your help.
You can find me at building (Random building) of town (Random town) in Sentinel.
I will wait one month.
-- Tard-E (Agent name)

Going to the building in the town, the Agent will speak to the Hero:

"Good day, Agent (Player name). My name is Tard-E (Agent name). I must admit that I am surprised to see you. Are you perhaps able to help the Underking in an endeavor against the Necromancers? We will reward you liberally for this service, and provide information you will probably not be able to find elsewhere."

Yes "You will. Hmm. Remarkable. The Necromancers have taken an item of ours, a Challenger straps (Magical item) of some value. The value is of secondary concern. The true problem is that they cursed this item and gave it to the Blades. If you are unaware, the Blades were once the honor guard for Tiber Septim. Today they are loyal to the empire and Tiber's code, but not always to the current emperor. The Underking has reason to not wish harm upon the Blades. We want you to infiltrate Castle Llugwych in Ykalon and remove the Challenger straps (Magical item). Please gave this done in 54 days if you want your information and reward."
No "[?]"

Go to the Castle in Ykalon and retrieve the magical item and return to the agent within 54 days, and they will provide information:

"Well done, Agent (Player name). Let me cast this spell upon the Challenger straps (Magical item)... there. The Challenger straps (Magical item) is now safe and yours to keep. Not even death can hide a true descendant of Tiber Septim from the Underking. King Lysandus did not die in the battle of Cryngaine. He was slain by treachery before it. The monument to him in Hammerfell is an empty tomb. His remains were secretly taken to an ancient tomb in Menevia, which I will now reveal to you. I do not know who betrayed Lysandus, nor why his spirit haunts the city of Daggerfall and not the battlefield of Cryngaine. I have kept my part of the bargain, and you have earned the gratitude of the Underking."

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