The Apprentice Birthsign.

"Those born under the sign of the apprentice have a special affinity for magick of all kinds, but are more vulnerable to magick as well."

The Apprentice is one of the thirteen constellations existing in the Aurbis. It is one of the charges of The Mage constellation. Its season is Sun's Height.[1]

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Skyrim[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Choosing this skill can grant the player a potentially very big magicka reservoir, but be careful if also playing as an Altmer. Their natural weakness to magicka combined with the weakening effect of the Apprentice can kill low-level players instantly when they are hit by a spell.
  • An Altmer with the Apprentice as birthsign wearing the Mantle of Woe and having 100 Intelligence would have up to 900 magicka, which would be extremely useful for mages.

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