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The Apprentice (Josiah) escaping the collapsing Battlespire through the Weir Gate with their companion (Vatasha).

The Apprentice (Born 3E 372),[1] is the player character in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire. The Apprentice's name is either Josian Kaid (Male) or Vatasha Trenelle (Female) depending on the gender they choose.

History[edit | edit source]

In 3E 398, the Apprentice was placed second in a competition to determine the next pupils of the Battlespire, and was sent to the citadel.[1]

On the day of The Apprentice's final test, they discover that an army of Daedra led by Mehrunes Dagon has invaded and killed nearly everyone. On top of that, their partner is being held captive by Mehrunes Dagon himself. The Apprentice travels through various realms of Oblivion to reach Dagon, defeats him, and escapes back to Tamriel with their rescued partner.[2] Their whereabouts afterwards are unknown, though the Battlespire was destroyed and the Weir Gate could no longer be opened.[3]

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