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by Valrendil of the Crystal Tower, Research-Appointee to the Thalmor

I shall endeavor to shed light on these most mysterious creatures, the Argonians, paying particular attention to their mating rituals.

Many speak in whispers of the Hist, a faceless entity with whom all Argonians claim bonds. According to legend, the Hist lives at the heart of Black Marsh in a tree that routinely walks the lands, patrolling its borders.

Some say the wandering Hist is a metaphor for the Argonian condition. Doomed to toil amongst the fetid swamps, they desire a way out of their misery. Somehow the Argonians continue to survive, their numbers neither rising nor falling regardless of adversity.

The lizard-folk view mating as a simple call to procreation by their leader, the Hist. To participate in this annual event, Argonians travel to the town of Hissmir and engage in several trials. The trial winners are allowed to mate, while losers must return the following year.

Though I was unable to observe this year's trials, I hope to attend next year in order to learn more about these strange and sub-Elven reptilians.


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