The Army of the Undead is a Knight Order quest available during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. A Lich is attempting to raise an Army of undead to conquer the Iliac Bay, and it is up to the Agent to stop them.


After completing several quests for one of the ten Knight Orders of the Iliac Bay, the Agent will be accepted into said Order. From that point on they will have to make their way up the internal rank ladder to gain more lucrative and noteworthy quests, to improve their reputation.


  1. Speak with a Quester from a joined Knight Order.
  2. Journey to and enter the identified dungeon.
    1. Track down and kill the Lich.
  3. Escape back to the Quester before the time limit expires to complete the quest.


Having gained the equivalent reputation of a Seneschal within a Knight Order, the Agent will be entrusted with "a most dangerous quest". One of the Order's Questers will reveal that a Lich has begun to build an army of undead creatures, likely aiming to take over the Bay. The Agent is duly tasked with removing the Lich from existence, by killing the ambitious undead animator within its lair.

The Lich-KingEdit

The Lich's lair is to be found in one of the Bay's many dungeons, which the Agent will have to enter if they hope to slay said Lich. After battling through the usual collection of creatures and humanoids, the Agent will find the target, which can either be a standard, or an Ancient Lich. It matters little in the context of the quest, for the Lich must be destroyed to continue the quest.

Once the Lich has been slain, confirmed by a notification, the Agent must escape the dungeon and return to the Quester before the time limit expires.


The Agent will not receive any physical reward for completing the quest successfully, but will instead get a huge boost to their reputation within the region. The penalties for failing the quest remain true to a usual quest:

Faction Reputation
Knight Order +5
Specific Knight Order +7
Region +4
Peasants of Region +4
Nobles of Region +2
Other Factions +2
Faction Reputation
Knight Order -2
Specific Knight Order -2


The Army of the Undead - b0b80y17
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

[Quester's name] of Questers in [town] charged me with the duty of destroying the lich of [dungeon]. I have [x] days to finish the task.

  • Quest accepted


  • This quest essentially forms the first part of another Knight Order quest: The Lost Artifact.
  • There is a one in three chance that the Lich will instead be an Ancient Lich, regardless of level.
  • NPCs have a range of comments to make referencing the quest when asked for any news:
    • Acceptance:
      • "The Great Lich of [dungeon] is awake again."
    • Success:
      • "Thank [random god] for [Questers]. They saved us all."
      • "A [player's race] from [Questers] destroyed the Lich of [dungeon]."
    • Failure:
      • "The Lich of [dungeon] went across the Bay, I hear."
      • "The Lich is gathering forces outside of [region]."


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