The Bad Actor is a miscellaneous quest set in Vivec, Foreign Quarter.


There is a rumor in Vivec that Miun-Gei, a merchant in the Vivec Foreign Quarter, has been having problems with an annoying street vendor selling things outside his shop.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Miun-Gei about "annoying fool".
  • Talk to Marcel Maurard about "line of work".
  • Find Crassius Curio in Hlaalu Plaza and talk to him about "new play".
  • Return to Marcel Maurard and talk to him about about "theater troupe".
  • Return to Miun-Gei and receive your reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Head to the Enchanter in Vivec City's Foreign Quarter. Speak to Miun-Gei and ask him about the "annoying fool". Speak to Marcel Maurard, located in the Lower Waistworks, just outside the Enchanter. He will say that he is looking for a job in acting, but there is no theater in Vivec City. Speaking with the people in Vivec and asking about the latest rumors results in the following topic:

latest rumors "Crassius Curio is quite a patron of the arts. He commissioned some artists to do a mural for him, and I heard that he has written a new play, and would like to have it performed."

new play "Well, it's probably no better than Crassius' old plays, which were awful. "Dance of the Three-Legged Guar" was quite a sight, though."

Head to the Hlaalu Plaza where the Curio Manor is. Speak to Crassius Curio and learn of the play he is writing. He will hand over a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid and explain how he can not find any actors. Return to Marcel and tell him about the job opening. Return to Miun-Gei and he will reward an Iron Shardskewer and a 15-point disposition increase.

Alternatively, Marcel can be killed and Miun-Gei will give as a reward 250 GoldIcon as well as a 5-point disposition increase.


The Bad Actor – EB_Actor
IDJournal Entry
10There is a rumor in Vivec that Miun-Gei, a merchant in the Vivec Foreign Quarter, has been having problems with an annoying street vendor selling things outside his shop.
20I've spoken to Miun-Gei about the person outside his shop disrupting business. He claims the man is hawking ridiculous items, and generally annoying his customers. Since he technically isn't doing anything illegal, there is no way to get rid of him, but Miun-Gei would like him gone.
30I've agreed to help Miun-Gei get rid of the annoying vendor, whose name is Marcel Maurard.
  • Quest accepted
35I've decided not to deal with the actor bothering Miun-Gei.
  • Quest failed
40After speaking to Marcel Maurard, I've found that he is an aspiring actor, who is trying to make money to fund his craft. He refuses to leave, since it is the only way he has found to make any cash, at least until he can find a part in a play.
50After asking around a bit in Vivec, I've learned that there is almost no actual theatre here in the city. In fact, the only one who is interested at all is Crassius Curio, a nobleman in town.
55Crassius Curio is putting on a new play called "The Lusty Argonian Maid," and gave me a bit of the work to sample.
60I have spoken to Crassius Curio, and it seems he is very interested in the arts, especially the theatre. He would like to stage a production of his latest play, but hasn't been able to find enough actors willing to take part.
70Marcel Maurard was overjoyed to hear about Curio's play. He promised he would visit him as soon as possible and join with the acting troupe.
80Miun-Gei was happy to hear that Marcel Maurard will no longer be selling his wares in front of his shop, and rewarded me with an iron shardskewer.
  • Quest complete
90I've killed Marcel Maurard, and Miun-Gei is glad he's gone. He's not happy that the guards will be around asking questions, though. He rewarded me with 250 gold.
  • Quest complete
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