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I'm Glad I'm Not No [[Orc]]
I'm Glad I'm Not No [[Orc]]
*''[[The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind]]'' {{1st}}
*{{Morrowind}} {{1st}}

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Known locations


This portfolio contains the lyrics to many popular Western drinking songs, including, among others

Bold Admiral Richton

The Golden Grove

The Twelve-Night Drunk

Island Lads Down from the Mountain

Beans, Bloody Beans

Olga's Smickett

Black Fredas

The Imperial Volunteer

Down by the GingerGarden

Roll, Bretonnia, Roll

The Isle of Summerset

Dark Blooded Foes

Dawn and Dusk

Farewell to Colovia

Wind and Rain

Green and Gracious Land

The Jolly Archer

Sorrow Waters

Inkkit Hinkit

Pilgrim on the Road

I'm Glad I'm Not No Orc


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