"The High Elves live long lives and have a talent for magic. Sometimes an Altmer's pursuit of magical power leads to tampering with forbidden knowledge and illicit dealings with evil Daedra. It was to confine such trespassers that the Banished Cells were created."
―The Banished Cells Loading Screen[src]

The Banished Cells I is a group dungeon found in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in the region of Auridon, second largest of the Summerset Isles.

It can be discovered by talking to Turuk Redclaws in Vulkhel Guard, Abzag the Monster in Daggerfall, or Roaring Ramavel in Davon's Watch, in addition to visiting it in Auridon or using the Dungeon Finder.

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Banishing the Banished[edit | edit source]

Help the Keepers contain High Kinlord Rilis.

One of the Undaunted[edit | edit source]


Pledge: Banished Cells I[edit | edit source]


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