The Battle for Castle Kvatch is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This quest is initiated by Savlian Matius. Upon reaching the chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch, he will say that the battle for Kvatch is not yet over, and that Castle Kvatch must be retaken.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Kvatch[edit | edit source]

Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch

Talk to Savlian again and follow him out of the chapel, fighting to the front of the castle. The castle gate will be closed; talk to Savlian, and he'll say to go back into the chapel and talk to Berich Inian. When the chapel is re-entered, three Imperial Legion troopers (two soldiers and an archer) will be there and will offer to help. They also mention how they saw the smoke from the Gold Road.

Berich won't give up the key, but will instead run downstairs into the Chapel Undercroft, where more daedra await. Follow him through back into Kvatch. If he dies, take the key from his pocket and head through the ruined city to a destroyed tower.

Great Hall

Inside on the ground, there is a circular hatch that leads to a short underground passage. Run through, exit and come up between two gates. Open the gates by turning the wheel at the top of the stairs. Savlian and more guards will come through and help fight more daedra. Afterwards, head inside the castle.

The Castle[edit | edit source]

Inside the Castle Great Hall are more daedra as well as scamps. Fight them with the help of the soldiers and then Savlian will wait while Count Ormellius is searched for. Head straight ahead and continue through another part of the Great Hall to the Count's Quarters. Kill the daedra that are there and check the Count's body.

Count Ormellius body

In the second to last room, there will be a lot of level-dependent daedra. A journal message will appear to take the Count's ring and return it to Savlian.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

When returning the ring to Savlian, he will thank the Hero for helping and give his enchanted Kvatch Cuirass, a unique piece of leveled light armor with bonuses to Strength and Endurance as a reward.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Battle for Castle Kavatch – MS49
ID Journal Entry
10 Savlian Matius has asked me to help with the next phase of the battle for Kvatch. I should speak to him when I'm ready.
20 I need to accompany Savlian Matius to the gates of Castle Kvatch.
30 I need to look for Berich Inian in Kvatch's Chapel, and ask him for a key to the Guard House.
40 Berich Inian has agreed to lead me through Kvatch. I need to follow him through the city to reach the guard house, and gain access to the Castle Gatehouse.
45 Berich Inian has died. I need to get the guard house key off his body and proceed on my own.
50 I have found the tunnel entrance in Kvatch. Ineed to follow it to the gatehouse, so I can raise the gates and let the guards into the castle courtyard.
60 I've raised the gates into Castle Kvatch. I must now help Savlian and his men defeat the monsters within.
70 I need to follow Savlian Matius into Castle Kvatch, and help find the Count of Kvatch, Ormellius Goldwine.
90 I've found the body of Count Goldwine. I should deliver his signet ring to Savlius Matius.
100 Castle Kvatch is now safely under Savlian Matius' control.
  • Quest complete
200 Savlian Matius is dead. (Does not appear as Savlian Mattius cannot be killed.)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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