Legate Rikke issue orders to assist with taking Fort Dunstad from the Stormcloaks. Travel to Fort Dunstad and meet up with your fellow legionnaires. Note that there is a giant's camp, Red Road Pass, almost midway in a straight line between the Pale Imperial Camp and the assembly point; take care to circle around to avoid an extra battle.

Approach the Legion soldiers and they will start running towards the fort. Attack the fort with them and dispatch the incumbent Stormcloaks. Take out the archers and destroy the barricades at the fort entrance to allow the Legion to storm in and assist with the rout. Once the enemy percentage counter drops to 0%, the quest is complete.

You may then return to General Tullius for the next quest.


Even though you obtain a shield as the end reward, General Tullius will say "Here, take this blade."


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