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Not to be confused with Rescue from Fort Neugrad.
"Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort."
Legate Rikke[src]

The Battle for Fort Neugrad is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must assist the Imperial Legion with taking control of Fort Neugrad from the Stormcloaks.


Legate Rikke has sent me to assist in taking Fort Neugrad from the enemy.


  1. Join the men attacking Fort Neugrad
  2. Take over Fort Neugrad by defeating the enemy


Due to the quest being partially incomplete, the only way to start it is if the Dragonborn gave the Stormcloaks Falkreath Hold during the quest "Season Unending," initially joined the Stormcloaks, then changed allegiances during the quest "The Jagged Crown." If the Dragonborn does not fulfill these requirements, the Civil War questline will still continue without interruption.

After completing the quest "Rescue from Fort Kastav," the Dragonborn will need to report to the Falkreath Imperial Camp where Legate Rikke will instruct the Dragonborn to meet the Imperial soldiers gathering to attack Fort Neugrad. The Dragonborn will need to eliminate the entire garrison of Stormcloak soldiers with the help of the legionnaires and after doing so, an Imperial garrison will be permanently stationed there. The Stormcloaks will be equipped with a standardised inventory that may include Stormcloak light armor, an iron or steel sword or greatsword, a steel or hide shield, and a hunting bow with steel arrows.

After securing the fort, the Dragonborn must return to Falkreath Imperial Camp to receive the next quest, "The Battle for Fort Amol," and a reward of a leveled shield and the title of "Prefect" in the Imperial Legion.


The Battle for Fort Neugrad – CWFortSiegeFort
ID Journal Entry
10 Legate Rikke has sent me to assist in taking Fort Sungard from the enemy.
  • Objective 10: Join the men attacking Fort Neugrad
  • Objective 100: Take over Fort Neugrad by defeating the enemy (<Global=CWPercentPoolRemainingDefender>% Remaining)
9000 We have succeeded in taking Fort Neugrad from the enemy.
  • Quest completed


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  • This quest in only partially completed and, as such, needs to have specific variables and prerequisites met in order to start.