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Depending on whom the Dragonborn sided with during the Civil War, the opponent of this battle changes; siding with Imperial Legion makes the Stormcloaks the enemy, and vice versa. The circumstances of the battle may alter if "Season Unending" was completed first.


The Imperial presence in Hjaalmarch has been successfully undermined due to falsified orders delivered to Legate Taurinus Duilis. Lulled into a false sense of security, the Legate did not dispatch the much needed reinforcements to Fort Snowhawk as requested. Galmar Stone-Fist's orders are to bolster the forces preparing for an attack on Fort Snowhawk. Once the fort has been taken it can then be garrisoned and the liberation of Hjaalmarch can finally be secured.


  • Join the Men Attacking the Fort
  • Take Over the Fort by Defeating the Enemy


Join the men attacking the fort

Fort Snowhawk is located due west of Morthal, across the river. The Stormcloak forces have mustered on a ridge overlooking the fort. Approaching the commander will launch a two-pronged charge of the massed Stormcloak army into the fortification.

Take over the fort by defeating the enemy

The fort is defended by a very large Imperial presence. Countless archers line the ramparts on approach and barricades slow progress towards the gate. Once the barricades have been sundered, the Stormcloak infantry can rush the courtyard and gain access to the walls. The entire battle can be fought on the exterior courtyards and ramparts without entering the interior at all. Frequent reports will briefly outline the progress and remaining enemy garrison. When the enemy has been neutralized, the fort will be captured and the mission complete. Ulfric Stormcloak will await news of his victory and Liberation of Hjaalmarch.


  •  360   Sometimes when you start the quest, you can not fast travel to Fort Snowhawk using the quest menu. (This is your first clue that your mission may be bugged).
  •  360   When you get to Fort Snowhawk there is the quest arrow where you need to "check in" but no one is there, though going and standing over the arrow will sometimes advance the quest.
  •  PC   360   PS3   If you find out that there are no soldiers in the fort you will be stuck on this quest and unable to move forward. If this happens, go the Jarl of Morthal, Idgrod Ravencrone and attack her till she goes down on one knee. This can sometimes make the quest complete itself and make it so you are able to move on in the quest line. (You shouldn't get attacked by her guards if you do this; confirmed).

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