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The Betrayed is a book in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.



This book is the translated version of Unknown Book, Vol. I by noted Falmer scholar, Calcelmo.

The poem relates to the Snow Elves' slow regression into the twisted Falmer, after they were enslaved and blinded by the Dwemer. The title relates to what surviving Snow Elves call the modern Falmer.


The Betrayed
by Engwe Emeloth

And when the snow prince fell to the ground.
The ice elves divided above and below.
Now vanquished and brutally bound.
One moment had shattered all they did know.

The once cool wind on their skin.
Now replaced with the heat of the flame.
And a pride once felt deep within.
Forgotten along with their name.

Torn from their home of ice and frost.
Thrown into the pitch black dread of night.
Living in fear as their minds become lost.
As their eyes began dimming the light.

Chained and enslaved.
What once was light turned to blackness.
Alone and betrayed.
Sinking deeper into madness.


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