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The Blade of Nerevar is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "The Missing Hand." Lady Almalexia, satisfied that none may now challenge her power, requests that the Nerevarine reforge Trueflame, the famed sword of Nerevar.


  1. Speak with Almalexia about "Nerevar"
  2. Speak with Karrod
    • Defeat him in a duel (Note: This objective can be skipped if the quest "Helseth's Champion" has previously been completed)
  3. Speak with Torasa Aram
  4. Find the craftsman Yagak gro-Gluk
  5. Return to gro-Gluk after two days
    • Discuss "Enchantments" with him
  6. Enter Bamz-Amschend
  7. Find the Daedric Shrine of Norenen-dur
  8. Return to Stungnthumz
  9. Return to Almalexia


Having proven themselves to Lady Almalexia, she expresses how she believes that the Nerevarine may be the reincarnation of her famed lover, Nerevar. After weaving the "tale of the two swords", Hopesfire carried by Almalexia. and Trueflame, Nerevar's blade. Almalexia states that the Hero must reforge the Blade of Nerevar, handing the Nerevarine one of three pieces, identified as a Broken Dwemer Blade Piece. She also believes that the remaining two pieces are in Mournhold, although she is unsure of where exactly. She, then, advises the Nerevarine to go and find the best craftsman in the city to reforge the blade.

A Champion's Reward[]

Note: if "Helseth's Champion" is completed, the Nerevarine will not have to fight Karrod again.

After questioning Mournhold's people, especially Plitinius Mero who is known for his extensive knowledge, The Nerevarine is directed to Queen Barenziah. The queen will share that King Helseth's Champion, may be a holder of one of the pieces, whom may have to be defeated in a duel. The Nerevarine must then speak to Karrod in the Royal Palace, who will either give the Nerevarine the Odd Dwemer Weapon, he is prepared to duel for it as long as King Helseth allows it. Once the piece has been obtained, the Nerevarine may track down the final piece.

The Museum's Friend[]

The Museum of Artifacts

Looking for an ancient Dwemer artefact, the Nerevarine goes to the Museum of Artifacts in Godsreach, and asks Torasa Aram about Trueflame. She reveals that the Museum does not have any pieces, but does suggest that a Dwemer Battle Shield of unique style may be in need of repair due to a loose front spike. However, she will not give the Shield, unless the Nerevarine can help the museum. She indicates that any craftsman in Mournhold will be able to repair the Shield. The Hero must donate two artifacts to the Museum. Behind her, at the back of the museum, the book Famed Artifacts of Tamriel is lying on a table, which lists the artifacts they are looking for.

The Craftsman's Craftsman[]

After acquiring the Shield, and found out, by asking around Mournhold, that the most respected smith and craftsman in the city is an Orc by the name of Yagak gro-Gluk, who resides within the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. Gro-Gluk will gladly reforge the blade, suggesting that the spike from the Shield is the final piece, and will use it to re-unite the pieces of Trueflame. However, he states that it will be a lengthy build, taking two days to complete.

After two days, Trueflame will be completed by gro-Gluk, he will, then, hand the Nerevarine the blade. Although, gro-Gluk admits that he lacks the skill to re-enchant the blade, leaving it a mere shadow of its former glory. He states that the Blade being of Dwemer origins, they probably are the only ones who knew how to enchant it, and that the Nerevarine must, therefore, find some kind of book or notes on how to bring Trueflame to its full power once again.

Ancient Assistance[]

The Nerevarine and Radac Stungnthumz

Gro-Gluk recommends that the Nerevarine investigate the ruins of Bamz-Amschend beneath the city once again, to see if there are any records of the Dwarves left.

Optional: It is possible to get Almalexia's council, she will concur, stating that the Nerevarine should return to the original forger, Radac Stungnthumz.

Within Bamz-Amschend, the Nerevarine must enter Radac's Forge, where they will find the spectral ghost of Stungnthumz wandering a hall, next to a very large inanimate construct. He will state that he has the knowledge to re-enchant Trueflame, but lacks a key agent to assist him, some Pyroil Tar.

This Tar, according to Stungnthumz, can only be found in the caves of Myn Dhrur, deep beneath Bamz-Amschend, within the Daedric Shrine named Norenen-dur. Stungnthumz also declares that the Passage of the Walker has the only known entrance to the Shrine.

Tracking Tar[]


Note: Although, there are three bottles of Tar, only one of the three bottles will do.

Having made a clear path to Norenen-dur using a remaining Dwemer Satchel Pack, the Nerevarine must find one of the Pyroil Tar bottles within the Shrine. Two can be found at the base of a waterfall, in an area of the Shrine marked as the Wallingdelve. A third is carried by the Dremora Lord Khash-Ti Dhrur, which must be defeated by the Nerevarine in order to retrieve the Tar from its corpse. Once the Tar has been handed to Stungnthumz, back in his Forge, Trueflame will be enchanted anew.

The True Flame[]

Now that Trueflame has been restored to its former glory, the Nerevarine may return to Almalexia to complete the quest. She will congratulate the Nerevarine for their work, before sending them on one final quest, to rid Mournhold of The Mad God.


Notable items that can be looted in Norenen-dur:


The Blade of Nerevar – TR_Blade
ID Journal Entry
10 Almalexia believes me to be the Nerevarine, the reincarnation of her former lover, Nerevar. She believes that together the two of us might be able to free Morrowind from Imperial rule.
  • Quest accepted
15 Almalexia has told me of Trueflame and Hopesfire, the blades of Nerevar and Almalexia. Trueflame was apparently lost at the Battle of Red Mountain.
20 According to Almalexia, the pieces of the blade are all in Mournhold. She has given me the first, and when I find the other two, I am to find the craftsman who will best be able to forge the blade.
25 Barenziah has suggested that Karrod, Helseth's champion, may have one of the pieces of the blade. I will need to duel him in order to have access to him, though, and I will first need to convince King Helseth to allow the duel to take place.
30 Barenziah suggests that Karrod, Helseth's champion, may have a piece of the blade. As I have already bested him in combat, he may be willing to speak with me about these matters.
35 Because I was able to defeat him, Karrod has given me the piece of the Blade of Nerevar he had. It is a weapon in its own right, a deadly shortblade.
40 Torasa Aram does not believe she has any of the pieces of the blade, but she does have a unique shield from the same era. She will allow me the use of the item, but only if I make some donations to her museum.
45 Because I have made substantial contributions to her museum, Torasa Aram has allowed me the use of the Dwemer Battle Shield. She also tells me that the spike attached to the front of the shield seems to be a bit loose, and I might have a competent smith fix it.
50 After taking the shield to a smith, I've been told that the spike on the shield was not part of the original design, and that it looks like it belonged to a weapon. I believe it to be one of the missing pieces of the blade.
55 I've been told that the best weaponsmith in town is Yagak gro-Gluk, who is located in the Craftmen's Hall.
60 Yagak gro-Gluk has told me that he can remake the blade, but it will take him two days to complete it.
65 I have received the blade from gro-Gluk. It is a beautiful weapon, but it is not a flaming blade, as Almalexia had suggested it would be.
70 Yagak gro-Gluk says he cannot enchant the blade, but he suggests I visit the ruins of Bamz-Amschend and seek the writings of the Dwemer mystic, Radac Stungnthumz. If I can return with some of the writings, gro-Gluk believes he may be able to enchant the blade for me.
75 I have spoken with the ghost of Radac Stungnthumz. He tells me that he is not a mystic, nor was he in life. However, if I wish to create a flaming blade, he can help. I am to retrieve the Pyroil Tar from the caves of Myn Dhrur, far beneath the ruins of Bamz-Amschend.
77 The ghost of Radac Stungnthumz tells me that I can get into Norenen-dur, and the Citadel of Myn Dhrur, through a cave-in at the Passage of the Walker.
80 I have returned the Pyroil Tar to Radac Stungnthumz, and he has applied it to the blade successfully. I should now return to Almalexia.
100 I returned to Almalexia with the newly forged Trueflame. She was excited and began to speak of greater things to come.
  • Quest complete


  • The quest "Helseth's Champion" may also be completed during this quest.
  • Despite being listed in the Famed Artifacts of Tamriel several items cannot be donated to the Museum.
    • Any items donated or sold to the Museum can be stolen back, although the Nerevarine will be banned from the Museum if caught.
  • Trueflame's enchantment not only adds 30 points of Fire Damage, but also provides a light source when wielded.


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