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The Blessing of Talos is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. Upon the Hero's arrival at the Priory, one of the knights will tell them that the Prophet is getting ready for a speech in the chapel.


The speech does not have to be completed. It can be shortened by talking to the priest when the knights are preparing for battle. He will explain that no one but the Hero can truly defeat Umaril, once in the real world, and a second time in the planes of Oblivion.

The Blessing of Talos[]

The Blessing of Talos is given to the Hero by the Prophet, in the chapel at the Priory of the Nine. It will allow them to follow Umaril's soul to a plane of Oblivion (no Daedra are found in this plane, it is where the vision takes place after completing the quest "Pilgrimage"), where they can destroy his spirit form and defeat him for good.

Promoting Knights[]

When the Hero has received the blessing, talk to every single character in the Chapel who does not wear Knight's armor. They will leave and prepare for the final fight and then follow them to the next destination Garlas Malatar.

Journal entries[]

Journal Entry
  • Update: When the Prophet arrives at the Priory:

The Prophet has arrived at the Priory to see me. My knights have gathered in the Chapel to listen to him preach. I should speak to him immediately.

  • Quest complete


  • If the relics have been used for other battles and need to be repaired, they can be placed on the altar in the basement of the Priory to be fully repaired and recharged.


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