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The Blood of the Quarra is a Clan Berne quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine.

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The Blood of the Quarra
I spoke with Raxle Berne, the head of the Berne vampire clan in Morrowind. While he considers me an abomination, he seems willing to allow me to do some of the more menial tasks for the clan.
  • Quest accepted
Berne has ordered me to retrieve a potion made with the blood of Volrina Quarra. She is the head of the Quarra vampire clan in Morrowind. If I am successful, Berne will allow me the use of the clan's service providers.
I have agreed to try and recover the potion for Raxle Berne, though it will mean entering the Quarra lair in Druscashti. I have decided not to try and retrieve the potion for Raxle Berne.
I have returned Quarra Blood Potion to Raxle Berne. He believes it will grant him strength beyond that of any of the other clan lords. In return, he will grant me access to those in the clan who provide services.
  • Quest completed