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The Bloodworm Helm is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Hannibal Traven is concerned because the Mages Council is in jeopardy. These two separate quests The Necromancer's Amulet and The Bloodworm Helm must both be completed before advancing in the guild.


Traven says that two of the high-ranking members of the Council have left, taking two powerful artifacts with them. He is afraid that Mannimarco will find the mages, kill them, and take the artifacts, thereby gaining more power. He wants the artifacts safely recovered and brought back to the Arcane University. He is also highly concerned about Irlav Jarol and Caranya's fates.

Caranya took the Necromancer's Amulet to Fort Ontus, southwest of Chorrol. The Bloodworm Helm is in Fort Teleman, northeast of Leyawiin.


Head over to Fort Teleman. Inside, the place is occupied by necromancers. Fight through them and continue down to the second level. The second level is occupied by both necromancers and Daedra, so use lightning spells as much as possible; Daedra are weak to them. Continue to follow the quest marker.

Eventually, a large cavern with a dremora standing at the base is come across. Irlav Jarol's dead body also graces the bottom of a pit. Loot the corpse to find the Bloodworm Helm. Return it to Traven to complete this leg of the quest.


After both items are returned to Traven, speak to Raminus Polus, who promotes the Wizard to Master Wizard.


Journal Entry
The Bloodworm Helm:
  • Update: Upon receiving the two quests:

I need to travel to Fort Teleman and retrieve the Bloodworm Helm so that it may be kept safe at the Arcane University.

  • Update: After arriving at Fort Teleman:

I have arrived at Fort Teleman. I need to find Irlav Jarol, who should have the Bloodworm Helm.

  • Update: After retrieving the helm from Irlav Jarol's body:

I've recovered the Bloodworm Helm. I need to deliver it to Arch-Mage Traven immediately.

  • Update: After delivering the helm to Traven:

I have delivered the Bloodworm Helm to Hannibal Traven.

  • Quest complete

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