The Broken Spearhead is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige needs to find someone on board the ship and take them to Stros M'Kai, and find Captain Kaleen.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the Boatswain
  2. Talk to Tumma-Shah – optional
  3. Talk to Captain Kaleen
  4. Look for Crafty Lerisa, Jakarn or Neramo
  5. Enter The Grave – This walkthrough is written after chosing to look for Jakarn.
  6. Find Jakarn
  7. Talk to Jakarn
  8. Complete the quest


The Vestige is told by Mihayya that Kaleen saved them out in Iliac Bay. She is to send them to Kaleen for thanks if they want to. Kaleen is on Stros M'Kai, adding members to her crew. Talk to the boatswain, Gilzir if they want to lend a hand.

Head over to the ship and talk to Gilzir. He offers to take the Vestige over, he also suggests them to have a word with Tumma-Shah below deck to hear the whole story. Find Tumma-Shah and then leave for Stros M'Kai when ready.

Follow the marker when arriving on the island, to find Kaleen. She isn't far from the ship. She is glad to see the half-drowned friend again as they weren't sure they'll make it. Then she asks for help to recruite three people, Crafty Lerisa, Jakarn and Neramo. Any or all of them would do.

The Soulless One agreed to look for Jakarn, a thief but the best there is. The only problem is he robbed Headman Bhosek so he's been tossed into The Grave, under Bhosek's palace. There is an entrance off the river, under the place, but be careful as there are murderers down there, the worst scum on the island.

Follow the marker to the entrance of the Grave. Enter and beware of any traps and look for the prison cell Jakarn is in. When found, explain to him Kaleen sent them to rescue him as she need help with a heist. He says if they help him out he's at their service. Completing the quest will reward the Vestige with some GoldIcon.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon
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