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"If it wasn't for the Bulwark, we'd be digging houses out from beneath the ash by now."
―Redoran Guard[src]

The Bulwark is the name of the large wall surrounding Raven Rock.


It was built as a response to the relentless ash storms from the ever-erupting Red Mountain. The storms would leave behind deep dunes of ash that made life exceedingly difficult in Raven Rock.

In order to protect the town from these drifts, First Councilor Brara Morvayn proposed that the East Empire Company construct a large wall of her own design to protect the east end of town. The company quickly agreed and provided the necessary funds. After almost a year, the construction was complete and the huge edifice was named "The Bulwark." The wall proved to be extremely effective and allowed work to continue unabated in the mines. It is also the Redoran Guards' barracks and jail.[1]


Pain in the NecklaceEdit

Fethis Alor asks the Dragonborn to bring him some East Empire pendants.


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