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"Pretty simple. Break into a house, grab a specific item and get out before they realize what's going on."

The Burglary Job is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must steal various items from the homes of various citizens around Skyrim.


I've been told to retrieve an item from a wealthy home in a city. I need to complete this job without killing any of the location's residents or getting caught and spending time in jail.


  1. Retrieve the item from the wealthy home in the city
  2. Return the item to Vex


The Burglary Job is a series of quests that are given by Vex of the Thieves Guild. She will ask the Dragonborn to acquire certain items from differing locations around Skyrim.

Possible jobs[]

List of Targets for the quest

This quest is a radiant quest, therefore each objective is randomly assigned to the Dragonborn. This is an incomplete list of possible locations:


Level Gold
1–5 50
6–10 100
11–15 150
16–20 200
21–26 250
27–31 300
32–36 350
37–41 400
42+ 500


The Burglary Job – TGRBE
ID Journal Entry
10 I've been told to retrieve the <Alias=ItemToGet> from <Alias=WealthyHome> in <Alias=City>. I need to complete this job without killing any of the location's residents or getting caught and spending time in jail.
  • Objective 10: Retrieve the <Alias=ItemToGet> from <Alias=WealthyHome> in <Alias=City>
50 I've retrieved the <Alias=ItemToGet> from <Alias=WealthyHouse> in <Alias=City>
  • Objective 20: Return the <Alias=ItemToGet> to Vex
200 I've successfully complete the job and received my share of the pay.
  • Quest complete
250 During the course of this task, I was arrested and sent to the local jail. I've therefore failed the job and was forced to forfeit my share of the pay.
  • Quest failed
By killing a resident at the task's location, I've failed this job and was forced to forfeit my share of the pay.
  • Quest failed
Before the task could be completed, I decided to quit. I've therefore failed the job and forfeited any pay I might have received.
  • Quest failed


  • These are side quests and do not play a major role in the Thieves Guild main storyline. They are required, however, in order to become the guildmaster.
  • Due to the location of Heimskr's House in Whiterun, it is extremely difficult to get in without being noticed. It is best to wait until Heimskr is inside his house and asleep or the Dragonborn will be spotted.
  • Even though the target objects are stolen, they are not marked as stolen in inventory.


This section contains bugs related to The Burglary Job. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Heimskr's House may also become a target. However, if the quest is triggered after completion of the quest Battle for Whiterun, it will be impossible to complete, as there is no longer any way to enter.
  • In the quests where the Golden Urn or the Jeweled Candlestick (Solitude) must be stolen, upon returning to Vex, she explains that the Dragonborn 'got caught' or 'got arrested' and the quest will be failed even if they did not get actually get caught or arrested.
    •  PC (Fix)   One can work around the issue by entering the console command set TGRFailArrestVex to 0.
  • The above bug can also be encountered in radiant quests for Markarth resulting in the quest failing despite the Dragonborn neither being seen or arrested.