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The Burning Farmhouse is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Located along the southern border of Skyrim, at the foot of the Jerall Mountains and east of Lost Tongue Overlook; a burning farmhouse can be found.


The cause of the fire appears to be a failed attempt to conjure a Flame Atronach, by evidence of a summoning circle and the charred remains of a farmer clutching a Scroll of Conjure Flame Atronach.

A Flame Atronach can be found northwest of the burning building occasionally, directly below the Shadow Stone, once the burnt house has been discovered. If the Dragonborn finds it and waits (without attacking it), it will die after a minute, just as conjured ones do. It carries fire salts.

There is also a chest with loot on the premises.

Notable items[]